Minting Ended

We're here to Flip the Script and tip the crypto Scales in YOUR favor!


1500 Unique Generated NFT Art Pieces.


Insider Secrets - NFT Whitelist opportunities & Crypto Coin calls for Fast Flips


% of Secondary Market Revenue used to burn Floor Pieces - insuring a stable & increasing price.


- Win to Earn Crypto - RektRacoons Car Race Stunt Tournaments


Grab some #rektlyfe Gear & keep watching...

Soon you'll be able to upload your NFT and we will print it on your Gear!

The Project 2.0

Planned as a 10k drop, we didn't quite make it.

So as of 11/16/21 Public minting ended, and the course of the project changed forever.

As one of our 1500 Holders - You are in a unique position.


Its not so much about the Rekt Art...

Holders are given access to an Exclusive, Elusive, Rare Opportunity.


Similar to BAYC, Neo Tokyo, and other Blue Chip Projects... A Rekt Membership gets you "INSIDER ACCESS"

We're talking about PRIORITY LEVEL to some of the most profitable upcoming NFT projects and Crypto calls.

Like These insider tips we released as a sample in our Discord...


Astro Heads - 3x in a few days
PIKA - 7x in a week
ELONONE - 4x in a week
The Citadel Coin - time will tell - should be huge. ( when's the last time you were able to get access to a coin on the first day it launched?)


But unlike BAYC and others... Theres only 1500 Available Memberships.

We fully expect the Floor to continually climb.

The Roadmap

Pre-Launch - Sept 14 to Oct 10, 2021

✅ Create RektRacoons NFT Set
✅ Setup Website, Discord, & Socials
✅ Launch First Video Game
✅ Host Game Play Tournaments for NFTs & $$

✅ Pre-Sale Minting - Oct 11th - SOLD OUT ✅
✅ 1000 minted
✅ $10k in Prizes: 20 NFT Holders Get $250 ea.
✅ 20 Holders get 2 NFTs each.

✅ Public-Sale Minting of Remaining Racoons
✅ 1500 PCS Sold

Currently in Development Planned for 2022:

Q4 - 2021: Monthly (Holder only) Game Play Competitions

Q1 - 2022: Hold 2 Earn Functionality!

The longer you hold your NFT's, the more crypto you earn.

Q2 - 2022: The Metaverse... “Rekt Racoon Race Car Game” with Play to Earn Functionality. Use Your NFT in the Game!

Meanwhile, play the Rekt Racoons Ver 1. Race Game Game!

Collect the Eth & Sol Tokens from the Bears! ... Watch out for Obsticles and DON'T fall off the Edge...

(Its a GAME, you dont get to keep the 1000 ETH Collected in Game lol

Dont Get REKT!


What is RektRacoons?


Rekt Racoons are 1500 unique randomly generated NFT Art Pieces. Holders are entitled to EXCLUSIVE Benefits similar to (better than) Blue Chip Projects

When will minting begin?


Minting Ended 11/16/21

How many Rekt Racoons can I mint?


During our public launch You will be able to mint as many Rekt Racoons as you want. Each transaction will be limited to 10 RektRacoons in order to give everyone a fair chance & prevent bots from sweeping.

How do I get a Rekt Racoon?


Rekt Racoons are now available on Open Sea

What is the future of RektRacoon?


This is a Community Driven Project, see our website for current Roadmap and stay active in our Discord Channel for more details.

Can I buy it on Mobile?


Yes, Hesd over to Open Sea

What is the smart contract address of RektRacoon?



Is there a whitelist for the pre-sale? Who is it open to?


Presale spots are still available and was 1,000 mints. We sold out.

Will mints be instantly revealed?


If your Racoon is not Revealed, use Hard Refresh in Open Sea, or contact us in Discord

Will there be traits or levels of rarity?


Absolutely! Some Rekt Racoons have few Traits, some have several.

Rekt Racoons Review